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UWFA invests in the stock market through two real-money portfolios: 'DA Davidson' and 'Alpha Dawgs.' 

'DA Davidson' is a fixed $50K competition portfolio through which UWFA represents the University of Washington against 20+ other colleges to compete for the best annual returns, sponsored by the wealth management company of its namesake. 

'Alpha Dawgs' is an ever-growing portfolio funded by students, alumni, and outside investors.

The two portfolios have mirror strategies: Long US Equity.

Fall 2020
Stock Market Data

Foster Undergraduate Investment Group (FUIG)

FUIG is the investment subsidiary club of UWFA and is the group which actively manages the UWFA portfolios. Stock pitches are generated by analysts in FUIG and then voted on by members of its investment committee, to learn more about FUIG and how to apply, click on the button below.

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