Interested in UWFA?
Come join our weekly general Tuesday meetings where we cover the market and other various topics to see if UWFA is right for you! The link to our Tuesday meetings can be found here.
Becoming A Member
To become a member, we require a $25 membership fee for the academic year and the completion of our new member survey!
Membership Deadline
The deadline to become a member for this quarter is closed.
Welcome to UWFA!
Request to join our members Facebook page @ UWFA Members 20-21 and Venmo your membership dues @UW-FinanceAssociation
Member Expectations & Guidelines
At UWFA, we are a community of individuals who value honesty and integrity
Beyond the numbers, UWFA is a peoples-first club - an organization where every member's voice is heard. 
Below are a few member expectations & guidelines for you to keep in mind as an active UWFA member:
The 4:4 Requirement
  • You are required to attend 4 Tuesday and 4 Thursday events every quarter
  • If you do not attend at least 5 total meetings per quarter, you will lose your membership.
  • If you attend at least 5 total meetings per quarter but do not meet the 4:4 requirement, you will be placed on probation.
  • If you do not meet the 4:4 requirement again next quarter, you will lose your membership.
  • If you lose your membership, you must repay dues to join again
Zoom Expectations
  • Use your first and last name on Zoom. If your Zoom name does not match the name we have on file, your attendance may not be counted.
  • Attend meetings with your own Zoom account. Attending with a friend’s account and just being present will not record your attendance.
  • Attend meetings for at least 30 minutes. Your attendance may not be counted in failure to do so
Attendance Status/Contacts
  • You can check your attendance status here.
  • If you have any time conflicts to meet the 4:4 requirement or believe that your attendance may not have been counted, please email us at
Become More Involved!
Member Groups
 Join and participate in a member group as an opportunity to gain mentorship from a member group leader, as well as a way to work on professional and personal development.
Member group applications for Spring quarter are closed.
Social Hours
Come join us on our social hours that happen on Fridays! Our social hour events are a way to relax and just have a fun time outside of your classes!
Check our calendar to mark down the next social hour!
UWFA Merch
We have UWFA merch! Our Vineyard Vines inspired long sleeves come in Orchid color - order yours while supplies last!. 
Click here to order your UWFA merch!