Member Attendance

Winter 2021

This document contains the member attendance tracking which we use to determine membership status throughout winter quarter 2021.

Investor Letters


This past year UWFA went through tremendous growth of almost 900%, this letter contains all the team did to achieve and balance this. It also focuses on all the new ways UWFA has expanded to provide a more wholistic finance experience for its members.

Fall 2020

University of Washington Finance Association Investment Group's Fall 2020 Investor Letter. This includes a statement from the Investment Committee, our fall stock pitches, and our current portfolio.

Slide Decks


Overview of market activity since 12/8/20, runoff in Georgia elections, and updates on COVID, jobs, and the PMI. 


Learn how you can get involved in UWFA and get a recap of 2020 market!


It's stock pitching time: Watch FUIG analysts from the tech and consumer retail sectors pitch Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) & Tattooed Chef (NASDAQ: TTCF) respectively.


Changes in the S&P500 as well as information about trading options.


Presentation on Diversity and Inclusion in finance along with update on Q3 earnings, COVID vaccine companies, and a dive into Joe Biden's tax plan.


Diving into a market update a week after the elections and debriefing on the results.


For this week's general meeting, we will be discussing Macro indicators that were recently released, which were GDP and PMI. As well as general market indicators on election day and market updates.


We covered the market behavior leading up to the election and made predictions for next week based on the potential outcomes by analyzing historical trends. 


This week we discussed what moved the S&P, how pegged currency works, Black Wednesday, and the Blue Dollar Market.


This week we introduced the IB Accelerator program, reviewed the market, discussed foreign exchange, and compared SPAC and IPO.


This week was our first general meeting for the quarter. We presented a professional development workshops on careers in finance as well as talked about the developments in the market.


This week was our last general meeting for the quarter. We spoke about how COVID-19 affected the quarter and what investments to be looking at in the near future.


This week we had pitches from our FUIG program as well as a bunch of job/internship opportunities.


This week our econ lecture focused on explicit vs emergent incentives. While our macro news looked at how the energy market is moving forward while dealing with COVID-19.


This week we spoke about our first professional development workshop that will be taking place this Thursday. As well the quantity theory of money.


This week we spoke about the affect of COVID-19 on agriculture and how you could be paid to take oil.


This week we went over a mini econ lecture on the Federal government and its' control on the federal money supply. We also looked at how the market is being affected by COVID-19.


This week was our first general meeting of the quarter. We went over officer introductions, our structure, and how to become a future officer. There was also an overview of the speakers for this quarter as well as information on our first speaker for the quarter. 

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