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Tessa Horne, Director of Marketing

Meet Tessa - The brains behind UWFA's marketing efforts. Interested in a career in Asset Management & a joint JD-MBA program post undergrad, Tessa will be interning at Russell Investments this summer in their ESG & Active Ownership role. Never the one to skip her long walks, dinner parties and operas, Tessa can help out in anyway you need.

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Lizzie Bui, Chair of Engagement

As UWFA's Chair of Engagement, Lizzie helps out members with anything engagement-esque. Passionate in cooking, tennis, learning new languages and watching Asian dramas, Lizzie finds things throughout the day to keep her busy. Majoring in finance & marketing with an upcoming internship at KeyBank as an equity research intern, Lizzie is here to help.

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Nathan Destouches, Member Groups Dev

Meet Nathan, a member tasked with UWFA's member groups development. Nathan has dedicated much of his time at UWFA coming up with new ideas to improve member groups - a fun, engaging opportunity for all to join. Spending his free time paddle boarding, playing soccer and hiking, Nathan is a math & econ major - so ask him what its like being a non-business major at UWFA.

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Katie Braden, Corporate Outreach

Meet Katie - The club's corporate outreach member. As a freshman studying finance & accounting, Katie has spent much of her first year learning the ropes of consulting. Being a yoga instructor with her own YouTube channel, Katie will be interning this summer at Business Impact NW. If you want to hear more about Katie's experiences or just want to learn yoga, sign up for a chat!

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John Henzler, Director of Education

Anything finance related, John's got you covered. Interested in consulting, data analysis & sales, John will be interning at Liberty Mutual this summer as a data analyst. Outside of finance, John is an outdoor type of guy, one who enjoys tennis, running and skiing. As a Junior studying econ and informatics, ask John what its like to be a non-business major.

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Avery Lee, Director of Operations

Meet Avery - UWFA's Director of Operations. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Avery is a Junior studying Finance & IS, Computational Finance & Risk Management, and minoring in Data Science. Outside of UWFA, Avery enjoys rock painting, dream journaling & cooking. Interning at Goldman Sachs this summer as a risk engineering analyst, ask Avery anything!

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Yash Savla, Chair of Member Groups

Meet Yash, UWFA's Chair of Member Groups. Studying finance & philosophy, Yash's professional interests lie within management consulting & start-ups, where he currently works as an associate for F1 Ventures - a start-up tech consulting firm. Outside of his professional life, Yash enjoys hiking, travelling and playing soccer - reach out to Yash for anything start-up related!

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Allie Lee, Alumni


Meet Allie, UWFA's alumni relations member. When asked to describe her professional interests, Allie said, "I'm interested in consulting, specifically strategy and marketing consulting. I'm still exploring career paths though, but finance is super interesting to me". Passionate in cooking & baking and as a freshman with many more years ahead of her, reach out to Allie to chat!

Brittany Do, Director of Member Development

Meet Brittany, the one and only author of Bigger Than Leadership. During her free time, Brittany indulges herself in philosophy, baking and donating blood to charitable causes. Interested in consulting while majoring in finance, accounting & sales, Brittany will be interning at Paccar this summer in their lease accounting practice. All smiles - reach out to Brittany for a chat!

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Sai Rayala, Chair of Member Groups, D&I

As a freshman, Sai has involved herself with UWFA in every aspect. Pursuing a major in finance and a minor in informatics & diversity, Sai doesn't have a set career path yet, but is interested in consulting, particularly in socially-progressive start-ups. Outside of class, Sai loves to paint, do yoga, stay up to date on popular culture, and most of all, loves to meet new people. 

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Nic Jefferson, Co-Chair of Global Macro

As a freshman studying Econ & ECMS, Nic has found a way to integrate his passions into firsthand real-life experiences. With interests in the buyside of investment banking and spending much of his free time outdoors playing soccer, lifting, staying up to date on politics & tech and even a little bit of cooking - reach out to Nic to hear about his experiences as a UWFA underclassman.

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